Saturday, January 14, 2017

What's This All About?

In a future post I'll talk about my plans for Carnal Coup as a project, but for now, let's talk about what it is as a game.

The Concept

Carnal Coup is an 18+ text-based scifi game. It's being developed using Unity, and will run in WebGL and on Windows PCs. 

The time is several centuries from now, when humans have been traveling between the stars for some time. Years ago, they founded and led a federation of many other species they found as they explored, eventually bringing together dozens of worlds together in peace and harmony. But as time went on...humanity changed. Part of it was technological. With genetic engineering, cloning, and other advances, reproduction was no longer the natural process it once was. On top of that there was a social change, a desire to elevate the species above the base animal urges like mating.

And that was when the federation transformed into the Galactic Pure Union. Using their power as leaders of the known galaxy, humanity began enforcing their new values on every world they came across. New species weren't just brought into the GPU, but they were reshaped and re-educated to fit the GPU's views on society.

And that's how things were when they found the Figura. Your race, a race of peaceful and very, very horny shapeshifters. A relaxed yet extremely experimental race, the Figura were as disgusting a species as the GPU had ever come across. So in short order an Expedition was sent to bring your world into the fold, and to re-educate your people into proper civilized behavior. Your people are not technologically advanced, but you do have a useful talent for infiltration, and with the help of a human turncoat, you've managed to infiltrate the most powerful position of all - the position of the new Expedition Overseer, based on a space station constructed above your world.

But it's not so simple as just ordering everybody to give up and go home. Nor can you and a few agents bring down the entire operation on your own. You only have one hope: turn the people of the Expedition against their own cause. Citizen by citizen, department by department, you must convert or infiltrate a space station crewed by thousands over to your way of thinking. A coup, to show the universe that animal urges still have their role.


I'll cover some of this more in detail in later posts, but a brief overview:

  • Gender Flexibility - While certain characters or assets will be created for default genders, the gender of the main character and most characters in the game will be an option at game start. As a shapeshifter, there's also the option to change the player gender for specific scenes within the game. Want a sapphic space station? A masculine military complex? Or just some ol' fashioned alien tab A into alien slot B? The majority of game scenes will be written for whichever combination you as a player may prefer!
  • Eight main GPU races - While the GPU has dozens of member worlds, eight in particular have been assigned to this Expedition, on the basis of their specialized skills. They'll get more detail in a later post, but not only does each have their own skills - they also have their own preferences and kinks for you to exploit.  
  • Multiple avenues of progress - This isn't merely a matter of seducing a few top leaders. On top of the various directors, you'll also have the chance to encounter random station citizens, the rank-and-file of each department, and several unique 'Specialist' NPCs. To succeed, you'll need to convert the station population from top to bottom.
  • Multiple endings -  While the endgame is still in progress, there's currently plans for both 'Liberator' and 'Infiltrator' type endings (assuming you succeed). Do you want to seduce the GPU to your way of thinking? Or just screw them over? It's your revolution!

In the next post, I'll cover how the game will be developed and run. Until next time!

Wednesday, January 11, 2017


Thanks for your interest in my little project. Look forward to game information, coming here soon!