About Carnal Voyages

About Carnal Voyages


Carnal Voyages is an 18+ text-based game in a science-fiction setting, and a sequel to the already-released Carnal Coup! Two decades have passed since the Galactic Pure Union's invasion of Figura was halted by a heroic shapeshifter, and it's time for a new generation to take the lead on the next stage of the conflict. With the birth of the new Figura Defense Task Force, these galactic rebels are now ready to bring the fight to the GPU's own doorstep, swaying their people away from their puritanical, authoritarian overlords and into the light of freedom and awesome sex!

What's different from Carnal Coup?

While many things remain the same, which we'll cover in a bit, Carnal Voyages takes a number of design and story departures from Carnal Coup, including:

  • Fully customizable main character and player sidekick: Greatly expanding on the fairly limited customization of Carnal Coup, in Voyages you can choose to play as one of six different species, including: Terrans, Figura, Harians, Schen, Vox, and Roth (see more about them below). Additionally, body and gender options are also present in a great deal of variety, leading to thousands of potential character designs!
  • Mobile game setting: Rather than focusing on a single space station, the story of Carnal Voyages will make you captain of a starship, allowing you to travel the galaxy and visit a number of alien systems! Each system will have its own aliens, special NPCs, challenges and rewards for you to experience!
  • Crew Management: No more faceless station citizens! Every member of your crew will have their own name, face, personal style, abilities, and more! Recruit, train, trade, and manage your crew to have exactly the skills you need, when you need them!
  • Brand New Combat Systems: Carnal Voyages will have three different forms of combat, all based on commanding the skills of your crew: ship-to-ship combat, ground combat, and team seduction! Building your crew will be essential to victory!
  • Dynamic Sex Scenes: While custom-crafted written sex scenes will continue to be a feature of the game, dynamic player-directed sexual content is now also a possibility! Seduce both friends and foes into the bedroom where you choose exactly what you want to do, and who you want to do it to!

What's the same from Carnal Coup?

Well, there's a whole lot of fucking, for one thing! But primarily I would like to emphasize that gender preference flexibility will continue to be a driving force behind the design of many of the game's systems. Men, women, or anything in between - you can both play them, and play with them! Certain special NPCs will continue to be locked, but the vast majority of the game's content will be what you want it to be, with any sexual content not to your liking being entirely optional.

Additionally, several of the alien species from Carnal Coup will be returning as both playable and antagonist factions, while others may appear as cameos - with several new species filling the gaps. And speaking of...

Playable Species

Carnal Voyages includes the following species from Carnal Coup as fully customizable playable options, with most also taking the role of antagonists in the game as well. These are:

  • Terrans: Humans, you know em, you love em (or hate em)!
  • Figura: It wouldn't be a Carnal game without our favorite alien shapeshifters! Free-lovers who change their form on a whim, to suit themselves or their partners, these rebels are now taking their first steps into the galaxy!
  • Harians: The muscular soldiers and athletes return, bringing their brawn to the DTF! These fur-covered champions are ready to flex on the GPU!
  • Schen: The hermaphroditic reptilian scientists are back - with a few changes! Thanks to their introduction to the ways of the Figura, a number of Schen have begun to experiment with their own gender and sexuality the way they experiment with anything else. The eggheads are vital to the technological development of the DTF, and will be a fine addition to your Science Officer staff!
  • Vox: The Union's alabaster-skinned propagandists now serve the DTF, although now they exult an entirely different set of virtues... Still paragons of style and fashion, the Vox are ready to bring a bit of flash and flair to the Task Force!
  • Roth: Thanks to the miracles of science, equality has come to the insectoid Roth, with Mistresses and Drones standing on an equal footing within the ranks of the DTF. Of course, science wouldn't dream of tampering with the Drones' massive statures, or the Mistresses' domineering nature, so one may have to see what happens as they find their new place in the DTF...

New Species

In addition to the above, Carnal Voyages will also include four entirely new species among the antagonistic factions of the Galactic Pure Union! Still in development, they include:

  • Seeders: Hermaphroditic plantoids, these scholars and monks seek intellectual enlightenment in their remote places of learning. But some of them aren't entirely ready to set down roots...
  • Space Goblins (In Development): Always ready to make a buck, these shortstack hypercapitalists are never one to turn down an opportunity! Here's hoping you can afford their services...
  • Space Slimes (In Development): The agarian slimeoids feed dozens of worlds across the GPU, although their contribution often goes unnoticed. Perhaps it's time someone gives them and their squishy curves some appreciation...
  • Space Robots (In Development): This digital race lives in two worlds, that of the robotic and that of the virtual. That just gives you an extra front on which to claim victory, or so you hope...

Supporting the Project

Like Carnal Coup, development on Carnal Voyages is supported by Patreon! As before, I (DaScoot, project lead) continue to work a full-time job in addition to the large amounts of writing and coding the game requires. The artwork meanwhile also continues to be a result of contracted freelancers, and as freelancers do not just work 'for exposure', project funding is required! Nearly all Patreon funds go directly towards artwork for the game, with a smattering of other assets. But aside from that, the community feedback and support is also an essential part of knowing how to proceed with development, because after all, I'm not just making this game for myself. So I invite everyone to swing by the Patreon or the Discord and let us know what you think about the project!

More Info

You can find our Patreon page here, and our Discord server can be found at https://discord.gg/DASPc65 . And don't forget to check out the Downloads tab and other pages for more info about the project! Thanks for checking us out! 

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