Thursday, December 22, 2022

Winter Sales

Hey all, just wanted to give you a heads up that the various winter sales have begun, and the Overseer's Edition of Carnal Coup is now at a new high discount of 40%! Get your friends and family the gift of alien smut this year!


Whether you pick the game up or not, I hope you enjoy the season!

Friday, December 16, 2022

v0.4.1 Release, Patron Poll

Evening all, time for another story-focused update! The heist subplot continues and concludes, followed by the opportunity to do a bit of splurging in the shops for the first time. A number of polish items were also included in this release with bug-fixes, some generated backgrounds, and a new set of codex entries. The story focus will continue for the rest of the month, with a plan to swap over to the Seeders in the New Year. Additionally, a poll has been posted for Liberator+ folks on potential cameo appearances. Check out the Patreon post here for more info, or the patch notes below:

v0.4.1 Change Log

Game Functions:

  • Functionality added to check the state of crew assignments at the start of an encounter. If no one has been assigned to the ship's bridge crew, the encounter will be automatically lost.
  • Functionality added to support in-scene shopping.
  • Functionality added to allow the generation of randomized NPC portraits for scenes.

Scene Content:

  • 'Ship Heist' scenes added, including space combat encounter.
  • 'Bank Heist' scenes added, including ground combat encounter.
  • Military Surplus Store added to Victorious, with Tactical Upgrade Component shopping available following the Heist subplot.

Art Content:

  • Background added to Watch Station docks scene.
  • Background added to Sports Arena scenes.
  • Background added to Military Surplus Store scenes.

Codex Entries:

  • The 'Characters' tab is now active.
  • Species: Celopi, Lencist, Maelish, and Vessian entries added.
  • Characters: Admiral Octivia entry added.
  • Setting: The Galactic Pure Union entry added.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed issue preventing the Save and Load screens from appearing during combat encounters.
  • Fixed potential issue that could allow a player to get the 'successful' scene branch despite losing in a ground combat or group seduction encounter.
  • Fixed issue preventing body details (like Harian fur markings) from properly displaying in the main portrait.

Known Issues:

  • None

Thursday, December 1, 2022

v0.4.0 Patron Release, v0.3.0 Public Release

Evening folks, it's monthly update time! The most recent update focuses on storyline development, kicking off the 'Harian citizens' plotline, however a number of minor art items have been included as well, including a start on updating the system maps to more dynamic, animated assets. Additionally, v0.3.0 is now up for the public, which you can find at or Newgrounds.

The next month will largely focus more on continuing the Harian plotlines, although I am planning to switch over to start on the Seeders for a bit once we hit 2023. For more info, check out the Patreon post here, or the patch notes below:

v0.4.0 Change Log

Game Functions:

  • Portrait functionality updates to support civilian outfits.
  • Yet more scene flow/progress flag updates, to support 'hub scene' selections sending players to different scenes based on story flags.

Scene Content:

  • Two-part 'Sports Arena' scene added to kick off the 'Harian citizens' plotline.
  • Stub scene added for when you visit the sports arenas with no current activities to perform.
  • Stub scene added for when you visit the Blindside Bar with no current activities to perform.
  • Defense Platform scene added for 'Harian citizens' plotline.
  • Two story-based duty assignments added for 'Harian citizens' plotline.

Art Content:

  • Harian 'civilian' outfit portrait sets added.
  • Backgrounds added to Defense Platform, Victorious and Blindside Bar scenes.
  • Dynamic Suns and Gas Giants added to system map screens.

Codex Entries:

  • None

Bug Fixes:

  • Corrected issue in input field change in v0.3.1 which would cause the save overwrite confirmation to appear when it shouldn't. Added keypad enter to Save Name/Cheat Code submit keys.
  • Corrected issue with savegame compatibility from v0.2.0 or older.

Known Issues:

  • None

Friday, November 18, 2022

v0.3.1 Supporter Release

Evening all, it's release time, and for this update the focus has been on functionality and quality of life improvements! In particular, Help screens have been added to several screens throughout the game to help guide players along. Additionally, the Gallery system has finally been added to the game, along with a few other smaller improvements. Check out the Patreon post here for more info, or the patch notes below:

v0.3.1 Change Log

Game Functions:

  • Help Guide added to Encounters. This can be opened via the '?' button on the top left.
  • Help Guide added to Romance Scenes. This can be opened via the '?' button on the bottom right.
  • Help Guide added to Maps. This can be opened via the '?' button on the bottom right.
  • Help Guide added to Ship View. This can be opened via the '?' button on the top left.
  • Help Guide added to Duty Assignments. This can be opened via the '?' button on the bottom right.
  • Being in a partner's requested position during romance scenes will now double the speed at which they burn through the 'sweet zone' edging period.
  • Gallery added to the game. This can be accessed via the pause menu. Gallery currently contains 1 CG set and 4 portrait sets.
  • 'Gallery' flags added to the game, which will unlock certain gallery entries. Flags added to the following content:
    • Secretary CG: Playing the Secretary scene during the introduction or at Watch Station.
    • Player portraits: Unlocked following character creation or by loading a save game older than v0.3.1.
    • XO portraits: Uniform unlocked following XO creation or by loading a save game older than v0.3.1, Nude currently inaccessible.
    • Admiral Octo portraits: Uniform unlocked by meeting the Admiral in the intro or by loading a save game older than v0.3.1, Nude currently inaccessible.
    • Choker portraits: Coat/No Coat unlocked by playing Choker's introduction scene, Nude currently inaccessible.
  • 'Unlock Gallery' button added to Cheats in Options. This will unlock the gallery for the duration of the current play session. This will unlock all images including those indicated as inaccessible.
  • Tab highlights added to Codex, Options and Gallery to better indicate the currently selected tab.
  • Confirm Save File Overwrite prompt added when manually entering the name of a save file which already exists.
  • Pressing the return key on the Save File Name and Cheat Code text fields now submits those fields.
  • Romance Scene panel layout has been somewhat improved, with character portraits now added to character panels and description text added to several progress bars.

Scene Content:

  • None

Art Content:

  • Background added to Ship Bridge room.

Codex Entries:

  • None

Bug Fixes:

  • Corrected a few instances in Encounters where stat-based effects were not taking account of Trait-based stat bonuses.
  • Corrected a number of pronoun-switch-based typos in scenes and romance actions.

Known Issues:

  • None​

Tuesday, November 1, 2022

v0.2.0 Public Release, v0.3.0 Supporter Release

Hey all, here to announce that we're now fully back on track with our release scheduling, with the first public release update now available on the page, as well as v0.3.0 now up for patrons! This update focused on two areas, duty assignments and story, and while there's not a large number of new scenes, the amount of writing was fairly significant. For more details, you can check out the Patreon post here, or the patch notes below:

v0.3.0 Change Log

Game Functions:

  • New generic duty assignments will now appear in the game. The list of available duties is updated daily at hours 1 and 11, and when a new system is entered. Available duties which are not storyline duties and have not been started will be cleared at the same times. Some duties are 'anywhere' duties while others will be system-specific, storyline duties can be performed in any system once they have been unlocked. General reminder: resources may be removed or capped once the 'overstaying your welcome' mechanics have been implemented for the Heat system.
  • Progress-flag-locked destinations added to the map system, which will require story events to occur before you can travel to them.
  • Victorious added as an unlockable destination. Prime Station does not yet require a particular story flag but expect it to in the future.
  • Implemented 'timed' progress flags, which will be unlocked once a certain number of hours have passed.
  • Implemented 'choice' progress flags, which won't unlock content but may potentially change future conversations based on scene choices. ('Specialist NPC will remember this.')

Scene Content:

  • 31 'Anywhere'-located duty assignments added.
  • Post-Victorious scouting duty scene added to Abandoned Defense Platform.
  • Victorious 'first visit' scene added.
  • Harian Specialist NPC introduction scene added, with multiple branching paths.

Art Content:

  • Portraits for Specialist 'Choker' added.

Codex Entries:

  • Playable species entries have been added to the 'Species' tab.

Bug Fixes:

  • Changed some map systems to prevent potential issues when multiple destinations are available.

Known Issues:

  • None 

Friday, October 14, 2022

v0.2.1 Game Update

Hey all, getting back into the swing of things with our regular game release schedule, with v0.2.1 now up for patrons! This was a pretty short release cycle so the work focus was fairly narrow, but a number of new scenes and bug fixes made it in. For more details you can check out the Patreon post here, or the patch notes below. Enjoy!

v0.2.1 Change Log

Game Functions:

  • Liberator and Overseer-tier Patrons are now receiving credit in the Options About tab.
  • Added functionality to support player Career type as a dialogue branching option.
  • Added functionality for scenes to set various progress flags (for example, for when to play a one-time scene rather than a repeating one). When in a scene with a progress flag, access to the maps/travel system will be deactivated until the scene is complete.
  • Added functionality to support progress flags as a dialogue branching option.
  • Added functionality for scene option selections to generate specific duty assignments, and added functionality for duty assignments to set progress flags.
  • Duty assignments now assign rewards on completion.
  • An 'Items' tab has been added to the Inventory screen, which displays Upgrade Items and Currencies.
  • The 'Crew Assignments' button will now be active following the Introduction, allowing access to duty assignments without going through the map screens.
  • Current XP has been added to crewmembers profile displays. This will be further updated when crew promotions are implemented.

Scene Content:

  • Several scenes added setting up the introduction to the Harman System. This chain will begin when first visiting the Abandoned Defense Platform (default location for the Harman System).
  • One storyline duty assignment added to Harman System.

Art Content:

  • None

Codex Entries:

  • 'Currencies' entry added to the Settings tab.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where the time display wouldn't update on loading a game until after some more time had passed.
  • Fixed display issue with Options, Codex and Inventory screens on smaller resolution displays.
  • Fixed an issue in the relationship portion of character generation that was saving nicknames from the wrong fields. These values should be automatically swapped to the correct characters in old saves.
  • Fixed potential error when completing duty assignments.
  • Added missing check on duty assignments for minimum required ranks.
  • Improved a number of text display issues with duty assignments.
  • Corrected labeling mismatch on Inventory requisition credits.

Known Issues:

  • None

Saturday, October 1, 2022

Patreon Reopening!

Hey all! It's been more than a year since our last patrons-only game release, but we're back online with Carnal Voyages v0.2.0! Although there's regrettably little in terms of playable content in this release, as you'll note from the length of the patch notes, there was quite a bit of work done since the public alpha release. And fortunately most of the foundation work is now done, and we'll have the first real story updates in the next release in a few weeks. 

You can find more info at the Patreon post here, but I'd also like to note that Carnal Coup is now on sale on both Steam and in celebration! Enjoy!

v0.2.0 Change Log

Game Functions:


  • Added Galaxy Map and Harman System Map, with ability to travel from one system to another.
  • Map travel has been sped up, this may be revised back down when faster ships are added.
  • 'Heat' system has been added when passing time in hostile systems. Heat is decremented when passing time on the galaxy map or in the Figura system. There is currently no consequence for maxing out your heat.

Watch Station:

  • Added ability to change your crew gender preferences post-intro.
  • Added ability to transfer current crew members for requisitions and requisition credits.
  • Added ability to upgrade, downgrade, and spend requisition credits, and to spend requisitions.
  • The Intro sex scene featuring the Admiral's secretary can now be replayed from the Watch Station docks.
  • The game will now begin tracking time starting at the conclusion of the tutorial. Time will pass during travel, additionally a placeholder function has been added to the Watch Station docks to pass 10 hours. This will be removed once more activities to 'burn the clock' have been implemented. Note: resources may be capped or removed in a future update, so don't go wild on spamming daily updates.


  • Added additional NPC Personality Traits: Rock, Flighty, Partier, Studious, Chill, Hothead, Bold, Cautious. (Note: will only appear on newly generated NPCs)
  • Added additional rooms and station functionality to the ship, which can be used after the Introduction. New ship stations can provide speed and damage bonuses, and produce regular resources. Stations will provide extra bonuses depending on the stats, traits, and rank of assigned crewmembers.
  • Daily reports will be posted at the conclusion of each day, detailing the activities performed by crewmembers who have been assigned to ship stations that day.
  • The Crew Roster will now be accessible following the tutorial. The roster can be filtered in a number of ways, and selecting crewmembers will bring up their individual profiles. Viewing their personal traits will bring up the option to seduce the crewmember - note that this is temporary functionality and will become much more complicated to pull off in the future.
  • Rank insignia images have been added to crew face portraits in various locations.
  • A confirmation has been added when overwriting save files.
  • Added functionality to play certain scenes when at certain locations.
  • Added cheat code functionality and new cheats option: Free Requisition Packs.
  • Old Carnal Coup background track has been replaced by new music from Dark Fantasy Studio.

Scene Content:

  • Added Watch Station Personnel Department scenes.
  • Added a Captain's Office scene which will be your main home for scenes played aboard the ship. Currently not much to do there.

Art Content:

  • Harian and Seeder faction logos added to Galaxy Map.
  • Added 'Captains Quarters' background to the romance panel.
  • Added background images for the new ship rooms.

Codex Entries:

  • Trait entries added for new traits.
  • A new 'Setting' tab has been added to the Codex. This tab has 1 current entry, 'Date & Time'.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed issue with audio not looping.
  • Corrected trait typos.
  • Some code structure changes for save compatibility purposes (should have no visible effect).
  • Fixed possible issue where a player could be stuck following the bar seduction encounter.

Known Issues:

  • Due to changes in ship station functionality, crew will need to be re-assigned to stations in games from previous saves.

Thursday, September 15, 2022

Mid-Month Update

Hey all, it's update post time, and as you might be noticing, the blog page has finally been updated to reflect the current focus on Carnal Voyages! Aside from page updates I've also gotten a lot of work done on crew requisitions and ship departments, which you can see some examples of in the Patreon post. I still have a few more systems that need working on, but with any luck I'll be ready to start writing some actual content by the end of the month.

Don't forget, Patreon releases and other rewards will be picking up again in October! Any support is always appreciated.

Thursday, September 1, 2022

State of the Game - Getting Personnel

It's State of the Game time, and work on the project continues, although this month in particular is something of a transition period for the overall project. I plan to resume 'normal' Patreon service in the beginning of October, so you can expect to see changes to both the Patreon and this page in the next few weeks as I switch the focus to Carnal Voyages. I'll also be getting in as much actual project work as possible, with a particular focus on crew services and management. Check out the Patreon post for some screenshots and details!

Monday, August 15, 2022

Carnal Voyages v0.1.0 Public Release

Evening all - the time has come! The first public, playable alpha release of Carnal Voyages is now available at our new page! I'd also strongly recommend swinging by the latest Patreon post as I've put up info concerning not just the new release, but also the coming resumption of 'normal' Patreon service. TL;DR: Patreon releases will be coming back in October, at higher tier rates than Carnal Coup releases had. However, all existing Carnal Coup rewards will continue to be available at their existing tiers.

I'll be doing an overhaul of both the Patreon and this site probably in the next month or so, so watch this space for changes - and of course, try out the game and let us know what you think!

Monday, August 1, 2022

State of the Game - Seeders Preview

Hey all, it's status time, and things are getting close! Main writing tasks for the introduction sequence are complete, and the remaining tasks for the first release are mostly minor filler writing or structural (such as getting a new page running). I'm not setting any specific release date, but it will be sometime this month, so check this space or the Patreon for updates! Until then, check out the post here for more details, and enjoy this picture of a plant:

Friday, July 15, 2022

Mid-Month Update: More GUI

Evening all, it's mid-month update time, and I've got more GUI updates to talk about! I've added in a fair bit of functionality to a number of screens, and even some new ship artwork. I'm feeling fairly good about the current state of things, so I'll be moving on to writing tasks next, with the to-do list before the initial release getting pretty short. Check out the Patreon post here for more details, and swing by the Discord if you want to see some experiments I've been doing with AI art!

Friday, July 1, 2022

State of the Game - GUI and Harians

Evening all, it's another monthly update with a lot of GUI updates, and a lot of new Harian portrait artwork! Including a special preview picture of a new character that will be coming into the game in the post-intro content, but will remain somewhat mysterious for now:

The main task of updating the GUI assets is almost complete, though I'll still be spending a few more weeks on improving the functionality of certain windows. After that it's just a few final prep tasks before the game is ready for it's first alpha release, we're getting close! For more details check out the Patreon post here, and if you haven't picked up Carnal Coup's Overseer Edition yet, know that it's currently on sale on Steam and!

Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Mid Month Update: GUI Overhaul

Evening all, here to note that the mid-month update post on Patreon is now up, with quite a few examples of the GUI overhaul work I've been doing so far this month. Additionally, we have a preview shot of the game's first cameo character from Carnal Coup, who you may recognize!

I'd estimate that I'm about 70% done with the basic graphical part of the update, although some screens will require additional functional improvements after that. Still, things seem good to be more or less wrapped up this month. See you again in a few weeks when we find out!

Wednesday, June 1, 2022

State of the Game - Building Character

Hey all, it's another month and much more progress has been made! The character creator/portrait system is now fully functional, and new Schen art assets have already been plugged into it as well! I've recorded a short demo video of it in practice, which you can find at the Patreon post here.

With that done I've begun work on the long-awaited GUI overhaul, which will finally get rid of all of these default Unity components. It's a bit of an experiment for me as I haven't designed my own GUI components before, but some early work is showing promise. I'll be back later to let you know how it all works out!

Saturday, May 14, 2022

Mid-Month Updates

Evening folks, made a couple of new Patreon posts tonight I thought I'd direct some attention to. The first regards some basic essential functionality I've been implementing this month, such as save games, options, and so on. The second shows a sample collection of some Figura and Human portraits that will be creatable in the game. I've currently got a few more species worth of assets to process before I get on to updating the character creator, but things are looking good to have that done this month. See you with more previews in the next State of the Game!

Sunday, May 1, 2022

State of the Game - Alone in a Crowd

Hey all, usual monthly notice for the usual monthly State of the Game post! I'm glad to say that Romance Scene functionality is now complete (for this stage of development), and I'm now ready to move on to some boring stuff like menu screens and whatnot. For more details, and a short demo vid, check out the Patreon post here!

Friday, April 1, 2022

State of the Game - Getting Romantic

Time again for another State of the Game post! A lot of progress has been made on the last major feature planned for the game's initial release, which is the player-directed 'Romance' scenes. As a poll this month requested that I spend the time filling out the content for this feature while we're still in this phase of development, I'll likely be spending a good chunk of the next month on this as well, but the mechanics have largely all been implemented. For more details, check out the Patreon post here!

Tuesday, March 1, 2022

State of the Game

Evening all, just wanted to let you know that the monthly State of the Game post is now up on the Patreon! The short version is: the main mechanical systems for all three main combat types are now complete! This next month I'll be moving on to the dynamic sex scenes, which will be the last major piece of functionality planned for the initial release of Carnal Voyages. Check the post for more info!

Tuesday, February 1, 2022

State of the Game

Evening all, letting you know that the monthly State of the Game post is now up on Patreon! This month instead of screenshots I've included a few video captures of the space combat system I've been working on this past month, along with a description of the events they show. Also, our poll winners for the first storyline species are Harians and Seeders, so a mix of old and new will be starting things off once I get to writing rather than coding. Check out the post for more info!

Thursday, January 27, 2022

Lunar New Year's Sale

Hey all, just wanted to give you all a heads up that the Overseer's Edition of Carnal Coup is currently on sale in the Steam and Lunar New Year sales! Swing by and pick it up if you haven't already!


Saturday, January 15, 2022

Starter Species Poll

Hey all, letting you know that I've put up a poll to determine the first starting species to appear in Carnal Voyages over on the Patreon! I currently plan to work on plotline sets in pairs, so you'll be able to pick two out of eight to kick things off with. I've also included some quick progress notes, so swing on over for all the details.

Saturday, January 1, 2022

State of the Game - Encounters

Hey all, it's a new year and time for a new State of the Game post! I've been getting pretty deep into code for the past month or so, and a lot of progress has been made but there's plenty more yet left to go. You can check out the Patreon post here for some thoughts on game design and the usual very ugly GUI screenshots, also I'll probably be doing a poll later this month on which species plotlines I ought to write first, so that's something to keep an eye out for.

Til then, hope you had a happy new year, and your 2022 is off to a good start!