Friday, September 13, 2019

v0.33.0 Supporter Release

Evening all, here to say that v0.33.0 is now up for patrons! Made some decent progress this cycle with setting up 'generic' exploration missions, including the first playable example of such, but I did have to make a few shortcuts to get tonight's release ready. Check out the patron post for more details, and patch notes below:

v0.33.0 Change Log
Game Functions:
  • Monthly Cheat Code Updated
  • Functionality added for spawning randomized missions when there's less than three Loyalty missions in the queue. Grunt's mission will no longer be used as a placeholder.
  • Functionality added to support Mission encounter rewards: Advancement Points, Citizen Recruits
Mission Content:
  • Watch Station-based randomized mission encounters: two minor and one main encounter
Scene Content:
  • None
Art Content:
  • None
Codex Entries:
  • None
Bug Fixes:
  • None
Known Issues:
  • TTS dialogue cannot be interrupted once begun. May have issues if triggered on multiple screens at once. TTS support is 64-bit Windows only.
  • WebGL Issues: Be warned that save game data in WebGL mode is less permanent than PC standalone. May also be more prone to memory and other issues.

Sunday, September 1, 2019

v0.31.1 Free Release

Hey again, letting you all know that that v0.31.1 is now up for our freebie followers! You can find it on the download tab as usual. Additionally, the monthly status post is now up on the Patreon, I recommend checking it out to see September's plans! Enjoy!