Carnal Voyages

The public release of Carnal Voyages can be found for both Windows and browser play at, with the browser version also being found at Newgrounds. Public release version is v.0.21.0, released (to Patrons) May 1, 2024.

Carnal Coup

Paid Releases

The most recent release of Carnal Coup, v1.1.1 is now available for sale on Steam and! Paid version also includes special bonus content!

Public Releases

The most recent and final Public Release version is: v1.0.0, released 6/30/2021.

Windows 64 Bit (required for TTS support)

Windows 32 Bit WebGL

Newgrounds WebGL


Additionally, you can find the game Discord server here.

Carnal Jigsaw

This minigame was done largely as an experiment to see what could be done with 4-5 hours of development time. It contains 15 lewd puzzles based on artwork from both Carnal Coup and Carnal Voyages!

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