Friday, September 11, 2020

v0.45.0 Supporter Release

Hey all, we have an early update for you this month with v0.45.0 now up for patrons! There's a fair chunk of art in this one, and a lot of foundational code work for the new advancement point types. There's a lot of detail to discuss, so if you want to know more I recommend checking out the Patreon post here. Also, it seems that while I did update the public download links last week, I never made a specific post here to mention it - so if you were waiting for one, feel free to swing by the downloads tab!

v0.45.0 Change Log

Game Functions:

  • Monthly Cheat Code Updated
  • Numerous modifications made to support the Progression system:
    • There are now three kinds of Coup advancement points: General (the original points), Liberator, and Infiltrator. Loading a save from an old version will assign the latter two types to match the General points.
    • The sidebar display has been updated to display the three point types, and the Text To Speech readout has also been updated.
    • The main tutorial has been updated to discuss the advancement system in a bit more detail.
    • The advancement cheat option has been expanded to apply points to all categories.
    • Each point category has been capped at 10000. (This would likely only ever be reached using cheats and is far more than will be required)
  • Advancement Points have now been added to Specialist Recruitment and Relationship Decision Scenes:
    • You will only receive points for the first time you do each of these scenes for each Specialist. If you have done the Recruitment scene for a Specialist in a previous version, you will receive bonus points the next time you do their Relationship scene.
    • Telling a Specialist you wish for Peace in a Recruitment scene will acquire you Liberator points. Telling them you wish for a Coup will acquire Infiltrator points. This selection will be remembered for the Relationship scene (unless the selection was made in an older version). You will get double the amount of points if you choose the path the Specialist is more inclined towards.

Mission Content:

  • None

Scene Content:

  • None

Art Content:

  • Nude Feminine Switch portraits updated.
  • Masculine and Feminine Nurse Switch portraits added.
  • Dynamic backgrounds added for Military Camp-based missions.

Codex Entries:

  • None

Bug Fixes:

  • The main game tutorial button will now only be available in the office, and the tutorial will close if you leave the office or advance time in the middle of it.

Known Issues:

  • TTS dialogue cannot be interrupted once begun. May have issues if triggered on multiple screens at once. TTS support is 64-bit Windows only.
  • WebGL Issues: Be warned that save game data in WebGL mode is less permanent than PC standalone. May also be more prone to memory and other issues.