Friday, June 15, 2018

v0.18.0 Supporter Release

This month's patron update is now up! This release is a little smaller than most, due to the fact that I'm holding back on adding in the introduction revamp until it's more complete. To help tide you folks over though, we do have some nice art updates, including the female Roth insectoid designs! This month's second release in a few weeks should have the revamped tutorial in it, and I'm hoping it'll be at least somewhat entertaining even for folks that have already played through the game as it is. We also still have a development poll going for the next few days for patrons, currently in the lead is more Specialist relationship content. There's quite a few Specialists, so we are taking requests on who should get priority, even if you can't vote in the poll itself. Can find more info on the Patreon, but you can enjoy some patch notes here:

v0.18.0 Change Log

Game Functions:

  • Monthly Cheat Code Updated

Scene Content:

  • Schen Art Random Encounter Scene

Art Content:

  • Maelish Citizen Seduction Specialty CG added to Scene and Gallery
  • 9 Clothed and 3 Nude Roth Female Citizen Portraits added to Scenes and Gallery

Codex Entries:

  • None

Bug Fixes:

  • Added missing player gender text switch in Citizen Seduction - Partner Leads scene.

Known Issues:

  • TTS dialogue cannot be interrupted once begun. May have issues if triggered on multiple screens at once. TTS support is 64-bit Windows only.
  • WebGL Issues: Be warned that save game data in WebGL mode is less permanent than PC standalone. May also be more prone to memory and other issues.

Friday, June 1, 2018

v0.16.1 Public Release

Evening all, time again for a public release update! This release focused heavily on the Roth Workers, and also had an assortment of artwork additions. For links, you can swing on over to the Downloads tab, or check out the Patreon post! Enjoy!