Thursday, September 15, 2022

Mid-Month Update

Hey all, it's update post time, and as you might be noticing, the blog page has finally been updated to reflect the current focus on Carnal Voyages! Aside from page updates I've also gotten a lot of work done on crew requisitions and ship departments, which you can see some examples of in the Patreon post. I still have a few more systems that need working on, but with any luck I'll be ready to start writing some actual content by the end of the month.

Don't forget, Patreon releases and other rewards will be picking up again in October! Any support is always appreciated.

Thursday, September 1, 2022

State of the Game - Getting Personnel

It's State of the Game time, and work on the project continues, although this month in particular is something of a transition period for the overall project. I plan to resume 'normal' Patreon service in the beginning of October, so you can expect to see changes to both the Patreon and this page in the next few weeks as I switch the focus to Carnal Voyages. I'll also be getting in as much actual project work as possible, with a particular focus on crew services and management. Check out the Patreon post for some screenshots and details!