Thursday, August 26, 2021

Carnal Coup - Coming Soon on Steam!

Evening all! After several weeks of effort, I am pleased to announce that the Overseer's Edition of Carnal Coup will be coming soon on Steam! Our target release date will be October 1st, but feel free to swing by the page today to check out the shiny new trailer and add it to your wishlists. This edition of the game will include the following highlights:

  • The most recent version of the game, with any and all post-v1.0.1 updates.
  • The full set of the Stories From Watch Station side chapters (currently available to Liberator+ patrons).
  • A brand new pdf-format art book! Unlike the raw art dump currently given to Overseer patrons, this art book will include design notes and other writings about the game and its universe, and generally be a much more organized collection to peruse.

The game will also be coming to itch and Gamejolt, and I will be updating those pages to reflect the new edition in the near future. In the meantime, thanks for checking it out!

Tuesday, August 3, 2021

v1.0.0 Public Release

Hey all, almost forgot to post about it up here, but v1.0.0 is now up for free on the Downloads page! This will be the final free release, with v1.0.1 remaining for patrons only. Patreon development as a whole is now largely concluded, however work will be continuing to prep for a digital storefront release of the game. For more info, check out the State of the Game post here.

Thanks again to everyone who's supported the project so far, it has been much appreciated!