Friday, July 15, 2022

Mid-Month Update: More GUI

Evening all, it's mid-month update time, and I've got more GUI updates to talk about! I've added in a fair bit of functionality to a number of screens, and even some new ship artwork. I'm feeling fairly good about the current state of things, so I'll be moving on to writing tasks next, with the to-do list before the initial release getting pretty short. Check out the Patreon post here for more details, and swing by the Discord if you want to see some experiments I've been doing with AI art!

Friday, July 1, 2022

State of the Game - GUI and Harians

Evening all, it's another monthly update with a lot of GUI updates, and a lot of new Harian portrait artwork! Including a special preview picture of a new character that will be coming into the game in the post-intro content, but will remain somewhat mysterious for now:

The main task of updating the GUI assets is almost complete, though I'll still be spending a few more weeks on improving the functionality of certain windows. After that it's just a few final prep tasks before the game is ready for it's first alpha release, we're getting close! For more details check out the Patreon post here, and if you haven't picked up Carnal Coup's Overseer Edition yet, know that it's currently on sale on Steam and!