Monday, April 1, 2024

v0.19.0/v0.20.0 Updates

Evening all, it's another new month! v0.19.0 is now up for free at the usual page, and v0.20.0 is now out for supporters! This update kicks off a few more Happee Co plotlines, and also adds in a new QoL improvement which I hope will come in handy - map markers for when new plotline scenes are available! I have a bit more in-progress Happee Co writing to finish off for the next update, but after that I plan to return to the Harians. The Harian plotlines are almost complete, which means it's about time to get started on the process for what happens when a player 'completes' a system. I'll likely have more on that in the next update post or two. Til then, the patch notes are below, and you can check out the Patreon post here for more info!

v0.20.0 Change Log

Game Functions:

  • Scene Alert markers have been added to System and Galaxy Maps:
    • Markers will appear next to a System Map location if a new scene in an ongoing plotline is available at that location.
    • Markers will appear next to a System location on the Galaxy Map if any location in that system has an available scene.
    • Markers will not appear for: tutorial scenes, plotlines which have not yet been started, or one-off repeatable scenes.

Scene Content:

  • Happee Civilian scene added to Megastructure Mall. Added to replay mode.
  • First Happee Leader scene added to Mining Platform, unlocked after the first Specialist scene. Added to replay mode.

Art Content:

  • None

Codex Entries:

  • None

Bug Fixes:

  • Background image on the first Happee Specialist scene corrected to the Mall background.

Known Issues:

  • None

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