Monday, April 15, 2024

v0.20.1 Supporter Update

Hey all, it's time for the mid-month update! This update features a new portrait set for the Schen leader NPC, and scenes for both the Happee and Harian leaders. The direction I'm going with for the Happee leader plotline is...perhaps a bit unsubtle for me, and is related to a short rant I've given on the Patreon post in regards to recent crackdowns on NSFW content on numerous sites. I'll be moving on with the Harian leader for the rest of the month though, and hopefully bringing that plotline to a close in the near future. Check out the post for more info, and the patch notes are below:

v0.20.1 Change Log

Game Functions:

  • None

Scene Content:

  • Second Happee Leader scene added to the Mining Platform, unlocked 20 hours after the first scene. Added to replay mode. Note: Due to a bug, if the first scene was previously played 20 additional hours will need to pass for the scene to unlock. Note: Portrait is a placeholder.
  • Fourth Harian Leader scene added to the Defense Platform, unlocked 20 hours after the third. Added to replay mode.

Art Content:

  • None

Codex Entries:

  • Schen Leader portraits added to scene and gallery. Nude variant can be unlocked via cheats.

Bug Fixes:

  • None

Known Issues:

  • None

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